Register for a library card

  • Cards may be obtained from any location of the PCDL
  • To obtain a library card, bring a driver's license or state id to any location of the PCDL.
    • Minors (17 and under) must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian (with the parent/legal guardian's driver's license or state id) in order to get a card
  • If your ID has your current address you will receive your cards the same day and will be able to check out items
  • If your ID does not have your current address, your library card will be mailed to you
    • You will not be able to check out items until you have received your card in the mail
  • We offer Teacher Cards for K-12 teachers, preschool/daycare instructors, homeschool teachers and others who can produce proof of educator status.  Items checked out on this card are for classroom use only.
  • We offer Digital Cards at this time for accessing digital: books, cd's DVD's and magazines. 

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