Friends of the PCDL

The Friends of the Putnam County District Library exist to promote and support the eight library locations that make up the Putnam County District Library System. The Friends of the PCDL is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization approved by Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and provides funding for library equipment, materials and events for the entire library system.

The Putnam County District Library is solely reliant on government funding and is one of the few library systems in the State of Ohio that does not have a tax levy. Without the support of The Friends, the library system could not afford to offer many of the events and services to the people of Putnam County. The PCDL is forever grateful to The Friends for their very generous support.

The Friends hold fundraising events each year:

Additionally, the Friends host the Christmas Tree Festival at the Ottawa Library each December. 

Upcoming Events & Meetings:


Christmas Tree Festival



September 9  4:30 pm

November 4  4:30 pm



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